The Dangers of Cheap Accounting - The Truth!

I read a blog recently entitled "The dangers of Cheap Accounting".

I say blog ... it read like a rant and for those who know me, that's my territory.

So here is a slight rant back ......

Over the years I have almost become immune to the numerous articles published by rival accountancy firms disparaging our approach and trying to claim that our service is in some way inferior because our fees are cheap.

Almost - I am human after all.

To paraphrase Shakespeare ... "Thou protest too much"

As good if not better

We do everything that other firms do - in fact, based upon some of the trash I have seen, often we do it much better.

Accountants not Account Managers

All of our clients are have a dedicated accountant; not a non accountant account manager who cannot answer your questions.

I hate the use of the term account managers in accountancy firms. An accountant should be called an accountant. If a person isn't an accountant then do not try to disguise the fact by using the term account manager.


We provide full visibility of our fees; there are no hidden charges and we do not charge you a transfer fee.

I've heard of others firms charging clients £200 to respond to a professional clearance letter, £500 to close a company, £30 a month for companies which are dormant, £200 for the simplest of accounting needs and £300 for a simple self assessment!

Handling queries

We're on hand to answer your questions, we do your accounts and tax submissions to HMRC. We do not charge you for things which a system will do automatically such as VAT returns.

We do not give you a ticket if you ask a question or put you in a queue to wait for a response which never comes.

Dangers to traditional accountancy firm

So the only real danger of cheap accounting is to traditional firms who are seeing their fees and client base eroded by modern accountancy firms; modern firms who not only understand technology but have made it central to their business.

Modern accountancy firms who offer a quality and professional service to their client at a very realistic price.

Where's the danger of that?