The Basic

Monthly - Limited Company £39.99 | Sole Trader £19.99

We recognise that small business, contractors and freelancers often have a limited budget to spend on accountancy support and are able to undertake much of the basic bookkeeping themselves if they are using Cloud Accounting systems. Our Basic Accounting package provides you with the support that you need whilst keeping the fees at a price that you can afford.

fully supported

Monthly - Limited Company £64.50 | Sole Trader £39.99

By far our most popular offering, our Fully Supported service is one of the most competitively priced accountancy services in the market place. Delivered by fully qualified UK based accountants, this service provides everything that you need if you are an IT Contractor, Freelancer or small business owner.
Not only do we take care of your bookkeeping & your accounts but we also send you a monthly report summarising vital information about your business - the turnover, profit, estimated tax and VAT (if applicable) to be budgeted for and the amount available to take from the business. This gives you everything that you need to make sure that your personal finances and the finances of your business stay on track.

Getting Started

Just £175.00.

Our Getting Started service is great for clients who are new to FreeAgent or new to business; an ideal solution for those starting out in the contracting or freelancing world. This is a cost effective solution for those who are willing to listen & learn so that they can develop the capabilities needed to do their own bookkeeping and keep their accounts going forward. We just provide that little bit of hand holding up front to get you on track with the confidence that you need to know that you are doing the right thing.

year end only

From £399 p.a.

For those who do not need support throughout the year with things like self assessment, payroll, VAT etc we provide a Year End only service. This service covers the accounts preparation and filing needed to ensure that you meet your statutory year end obligations.

File Only

Just £149 p.a.

Many tech savvy contractors & freelancers manage their accounting affairs throughout the year using FreeAgent. They just need a little help at the year end to file the accounts. If you have agreed the balance on your bank account in your Cloud Accounting system to the balance on your bank statement at your accounting year end then this service is for you.

Get FreeAgent Software

10% Discount

FreeAgent provide UK online accounting software made specifically for contractors, freelancers, and small business owners. It's an excellent product used by many tech savvy contractors, freelancers and small business owners who, sometimes without support from accountants, are able to manage the day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns for their businesses.
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