Complaints Process

If you are unhappy with the services provided by your allocated accountant then, in the first instance, please contact them. You will find their contact details on the bottom of all emails that you've received from them, as well as on your Letter of Engagement and Invoices.

Informal Resolution

We find that most issues can be resolved very quickly.

Usually the best way to do this is to pick up the phone and have a chat with your accountant. Explaining what the issue is gives your accountant the opportunity to appreciate your point of view and work with you to resolve things. Expressing things verbally can often avoid any perceived tone of voice that can be read into written communications. Sometimes it is just good to talk!

However if you do not feel able to reach out to your accountant in this way then drop them an email setting out what your issues are along with details of how you would like them remedied.

Do give your accountant an opportunity to reply to you - a few days should be enough unless of course it is tax silly season (January!) when a little longer should be allowed.

Formal Complaint

If you do wish to make things formal then you can do this by completing a complaints form which can be found by clicking here.

The form should be sent to your accountant. They will acknowledge your complaint and provide an outcome email within 14 days, setting out how they propose to resolve your complaint.

What Next

If you are unhappy with the outcome you can ask your accountant for details of their Professional Accountancy Body's complaint process which is your point of escalation for the matter. All of our accountants are members of a Professional Body. These bodies have complaints procedures backed up by a code of conduct, professional standards and disciplinary processes.

Please note

If you do wish to change accountants within the network we can only do this at your next year end.

Please be aware that everyone at should be treated with courtesy and respect. We will not tolerate abusive behaviour of any kind whether written or verbal including via telephone. Your complaint will be dismissed immediately should you fail to comply with this.